Future Times
FT on Soundcloud and Noise in My Head

Future Times is now represented on SoundCloud.  We posted our bonkers Whale party from December featuring DJs Mondo & C-Rob, Jay Simon and Beautiful Swimmers.  4+ hours of fun - dive in!

Also, Swimmers boyz just mixed a serious selection for Melbourne’s Noise In My Head radio.  NIMH is one of the best shows out there featuring consistently killer music and guest mixes from producers, DJs and deep diggers alike.  Check back often and discover some sick sounds.

New C-Rob & Mondo Mix

C-Rob & Mondo have busted out another mix featuring more goodies from their bags.  Catch ‘em last Saturdays at their Vitamin C Party at Dodge City in Washington, DC.

C-Rob & Mondo “The One I Need”

Madison Avenue - The One I Need (Instrumental)

Unity - Heat Your Body Up

Glen Adams Affair - Saturday Night

Carmen - Throw Down

Remot Kuntrol - Angie (Instrumental)

Minus One - Why?

ATM - Try Me

Mittie Gibbs - Do You Want My Love

Jimmy Mourra - Strip Search (Dub)

Michael Dean - Lovehygh

Tony Maurice - I’m Her Lover

Nise - Dancin’ On Air

Psychic TV - Interzone

True Desire- When You Thought I Had It

The Deeper Band - Escape

Vibe 2 digital files available for sale now!

You can now buy digital file versions of our latest “Vibe 2” compilation from Beatport and Juno.  BOOM!


Out on Oct 18, 2011 on our label, FUTURE TIMES RECORDS

This double pack includes tracks both rugged and pristine from Alexis Le-Tan, Steve Summers, Tom Noble, L.I.E.S. remixed by Max D, Juju & Jordash, Confused House, Steve Moore, Hunee and Swimmers & Gang. Basically this is 50 minutes of insane dance music from 8 of our favorite producers in the world ! As always these sounds are Strictly for the Goddamn Freaks.